I have to explain a few things about me;

1. My brain races about a million miles a minute – things to do, things that should have been done already, things I want to do… it’s a constant mental barrage.
2. I’m a relative introvert. I can go out and “turn it on”, and I do participate in some networking groups and neighbourhood functions – but to unwind, I prefer to be quiet.
3. Refinishing furniture is a stress-reliever for me. Nothing to think about but stripping a finish or creating a new one. Quiet, calm and the gratification of a before and after to reinforce my hobby.
4. You will find me in the garage (when the warm weather arrives) more often than in the house – needless to say – my house is a sty, and I’m usually covered in paint. My friend told me about his great new garage door from Tip Top Garage Doors Charlotte, I might have to consider one myself

Now that I’ve said that, hopefully you’ll understand how my garage got into this state:


It really isn’t a hoarding problem, I promise.

As soon as I’ve finished a project, I post it in the hopes of selling it off and making some more room for the next one.
By the time fall weather arrives this will all be gone and sold.

Except this little guy:


I planned on selling it originally, but there was some serious water-damage on the sides that would require me to replace boards. Easy-enough, but when you factor in time, paint, supplies etc – I wouldn’t have made my money back in doing so.


Instead, I opted to paint it up and use it for more garage storage (heaven knows I need the storage!)


The cabinet doors slide across the front and behind them I have the pool chemicals and lawnmower oil etc.
My girls are old enough not to touch things like that, but the ‘Mom’ in me prefers them out of site and out of mind.


I had half a quart of the Surf City left from the lockers, so I thought I’d coordinate things;


I mean, the goal at some point this summer is to refinish and unload the remaining furniture and eventually repaint the garage itself.
For now, I just have the ‘accent pieces’ ready. (accent pieces in a garage – only in my world right? lol)


Repurposed and saved from the landfill for another couple/few years – in the overall scheme of things, that’s a pretty good deal.


It’s just about bench height as well, so I might even make a cushion….
better finish the other stuff first eh?

Have a great one!

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