This post is a little early…

Not quite as early as my Christmas pallet project, but early enough that you can take advantage of a GREAT offer!

We love holidays in this house.

Just so you pronounce it with the same emphasis that we feel, that’s


So what’s next on the agenda?


This is my house for Hallowe’en:

Not a lot going on here – but a lot of impact right?!

Frankie is my garage door decor!
Isn’t he gorgeous?

I found online last year and HAD to have one.

Okay, maybe I had to have two… this is the set I bought for Christmas decorating:

It’s as though you’re looking right in to Santa’s workshop!

You should see the number of kids that stop in front of my house and stare at these.
Their little imaginations go wild! My friend recently got new garage doors from Spark Garage Doors – Denver CO and I’ve been trying to tempt her into buying some too but she said she’d like to admire her new doors before she covers them up! And it’s a good thing that I know a good garage door repair company, because not being able to up my decor and having a door that doesn’t work would just ruin the holidays.

I thought I’d share a little of this gloriousness with you;

I’ve been in contact with Tim at and for the month of September ONLY, he is offering an additional $15.00 off of the sale price of a standard two car Garage Door Decor and an extra $10.00 off the sale price on a standard one car Garage Door Decor!

Mention on the order form that you saw this offer on my blog, and he will refund you the discount via Paypal.

Dracula’s Dinner

Installation takes about 10 minutes and there is no drilling, no hammering or any tools required.

The Garage Door Decor is designed to work with roll up garage doors. I have developed a system that allows quick and easy installation of the Garage Door Decor and allows you to use the garage door as you normally would. The hanging system consists of a hook system over the top of the garage door and a tension-hook system at the bottom of the garage door.
None of the hardware is attached directly to the door or the frame of the door.

You should really, really, really take advantage of this offer.

He’s offering my readers an additional discount off of the sale price!

Yes, he does ship INTERNATIONALLY!

Quick, go! Now!
Hated that shit pops wasn't with me trick or treatin in the streets(drake voice) lmao
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