I have to show you something…

Do you know what this is?

Garage makeover - walls 1

This is  how a woman – without a stud finder tool – finds studs.

I bang a nail every couple of inches until I hit wood.

Effective, but inefficient and a total eyesore.

Garage makeover

Add to that dents from my car door hitting the wall, bikes scuffing the paint, paint splatters and you have a pretty ugly garage.

It’s been bugging me for awhile – particularly since I spend so much time in my “workshop” in the summer – but it wasn’t until yesterday that I decided to see if I had enough paint to make it happen.

I want it neat and clean-looking, but it is a garage – so I didn’t want to spend money on new paint.  Instead, I gathered up several partially full cans and mixed them all together.

Garage makeover - walls  3

There’s a sky blue, a coral pink, beige, off-white and a gray-green.

Now check this out – once they were all stirred together – look at the colour I achieved! (bottom right)

Garage makeover - walls  4

Almost bang-on to the colour my walls were already!  Which means only 1 coat needed!


Ever feel like you have an Angel watching over you?  I must have – this is the weirdest, craziest coincidence!

The garage needed a bit of polyfill and a lot of organizing as you can see:

Garage makeover - walls 6

I started at 8:30 Thursday morning, and by 12:30 I had this much done:

Garage makeover

Filled, sanded, swept and painted all the way to the ceiling!

It looks amazing right?  (humour me, I don’t get out much)

Garage makeover

I moved all the furniture by myself too – both out of place and into place.

I did invest in a stud finder so that I didn’t wreak havoc on my freshly painted walls.

Once I was finished, I was able to get rid of two pieces of shelving (my black workbench and the mint/turquoise cabinet behind it) which created a ton of room.

I moved my peg board above my work bench, and re-positioned my drawer shelves.

Garage makeover


It looks a tad cluttered in the photo below, but that’s mainly because of all of the paint everywhere.  The floor will be phase 3 of my garage makeover – once I get Epoxy Master to sponsor me.  (Hey if you have a connection, throw in a good word for me okay?)

Garage makeover - walls 9Not too shabby eh?

I’m beyond-thrilled with the results – it’s so clean (the walls anyways) and it feels like there is so much more room.  I’m pretty sure I could fit a few more pieces of furniture in here to refinish.

It took from 8:30 Thursday morning to about 6:30 Thursday night to get half of the garage complete.  Hubby’s side wasn’t as marked up as mine, so I’m not sure if I’ll do his side or not?  The paint is so close, you can’t even tell where I stopped.

Pretty great for a FREE garage makeover!

Garage makeover

I do have to defend myself a bit here – I do have SOME expertise at finding studs:

Garage makeover - walls 5 - 1 (1)

Just not the 2 x 4 kind. lol

Spending the day with my friends “Advil” and “Icy Hot” to soothe my aching muscles.

Have a great one!

Too funny