Well, we’re nearing the point now where we shift focus from shopping and Christmas cards to wrapping and hiding our loot.

I love wrapping gifts. 
I don’t do anything fancy or frilly.  I don’t even add ribbon usually – but something about crisp corners and the image of the recipient’s face just makes me happy.

We wrap all of our gifts and put them under the tree as we get them.
Evil parents – I know – but the girls know that it’s usually Santa that brings the “good stuff”, so they don’t squeeze or maul the packages too much.

Come on now – squeezing and mauling is one of the best parts of being a kid at Christmas isn’t it?  
My brother and I even figured out how to carefully peel the tape off of  the presents to peek inside, and then re-seal it without anyone being any the wiser.
That’s what memories are made of!

I digress….
After my Christmas card bonanza of a couple of weeks ago, I had a LOT of leftover paper.

scrap paper in purple and cream piled on a desk surface

Some are large enough that I can make the post-Holiday thank you cards with, but then there were these little guys – 1 3/4″ wide and 2″ wide on the purple.

PERFECT for gift tags!
I cut them all to match the smallest one;

coloured paper cut to size for gift tags

Then chose a border stamp to run across the bottom edge.
I can’t remember the name of this set – but it’s from Papertrey Ink (my favourite company).

stamp pad, gift tag and stamp

I was going clean and simple here – no bells, whistles or loud colours – just purple, cream and silver.

showing placement of stamp on the gift tag


Cut the corners on an angle to make them look like tags, adhere them to the coloured backings and punch a hole – easy peasy!

a dozen Christmas gift tags in navy and purple with cream fronts
I still had paper leftover so I thought I’d try a few more…
Not as pleased with these though – I think I was trying too hard to impress you.
Christmas gift tags in cream and red

At our house Santa usually delivers his gifts in a different gift wrap that the girls haven’t seen before – so I’ll have to come up with a “Santa tag” for those ones.

To be continued….



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