This project has been on my To-Do list since I received my new business cards with new logo on them. I think that with my new lovely design on my business cards it will definitely increase sales.

I don’t know why I hadn’t moved on it?  It really takes no time at all.

These are my new business cards:

Aren’t they gorgeous?!
I love, love, love them… except they were missing something.
A little extra “Oomph” that will set these cards apart from the rest

Ah yes – GILDING!

I was tempted to gild them in gold, but nothing on the blog or logo or card itself is gold, so I opted for a glittery raspberry -which was as close to the card colour as I could find.

Line your cards up so that all the edges are even and then put something heavy on top.

Spray lightly with spray paint in your selected colour.
To darken the colour, you can do additional coats – but make sure to go lightly each time… these are paper and will soak up the paint and distort.

Be careful – if you have high gloss cards (like I do) the paint will squeeze in between the cards and get everywhere.  (learned the hard way)

Fortunately for me, the benefit of high gloss is that you have the chance (if done right away) to wipe off these bleed marks.


I literally had to wipe off 250 cards.
Make sure you fan them out shortly after spraying so they don’t become one solid mass.

They look pretty good don’t they?

A little shimmer and shine – aren’t they fine?!

Mmmmmm, and they smell like paint!

How appropriate to have a scratch’n sniff business card! lol

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Have a great one!

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