A couple of months ago, when I went to order our race shirts, I came across a glass studio.

Completely by chance, honestly.

I went in to have a peek at the pieces she had on display and they were GORGEOUS.

I asked if she ever did beginner classes and she told me that she had a class for children that she ran once a month.

You KNOW we had to go.

The girls were each given a 12″x12″ piece of textured glass to work with.
On it they were supposed to do a “self portrait” using shards of coloured glass, glass crystals, and pre-formed curly glass pieces.

Fired Up Glass Arts

Madison – our minimalist – came up with this:

 Chloe – our rebel – went with a pumpkin patch at night:

You create your piece with the little bits of glass and then leave it to be heated in the kiln.  The studio director put the handles on the front so that I could tie ribbons through and hang them in our windows.

I’ll be honest and say I was worried that the girls might get cut using all the bits and pieces of glass, but neither one got a single scratch.

I, on the other hand, donated a pint of O- to the cause.

It was a really neat adventure, and I’ll have these gorgeous keepsakes for years to come.

I even got a jump start on Christmas.

Come on, you didn’t think I was really going there for the girls did you?

 Almost there! LOL
Have a great one!