My friend Leslie was strolling through HomeSense the other day and noticed some cute Hallowe’en-themed drinking glasses.

I don’t think they were super-expensive, but they weren’t super-cheap either – so she picked up a set of four stemless wineglasses and gave me a call…

This is when I love my job the most.
A great idea just comes knocking right on your front door!
AND I got to spend some time with a friend while “working” – awesome!

Leslie picked out some Hallowe’en images and we had them cut on adhesive vinyl on the Silhouette machine.

We washed down all of the glasses with rubbing alcohol to be sure they were clean before starting (if there’s any oil residue, even if it’s from your hands, it won’t etch smoothly.)

Leslie decided which was going to be the positive and negative portions of the images and we adhered them to the glasses. 

We painstakingly adhered them.  

Turns out goblet glasses are not that easy to get a smooth image on.
Oh well – in this case it just adds to the Hallowe’en ambiance.

We wiped them down with rubbing alcohol one more time and then got to etching.

We used Martha Stewart’s glass etching cream.  I bought it about a month ago to do my vases and still had more than 2/3’s of the bottle left….  it’s expensive, but it goes a LOOOONG way.

A spider web, a coffin, a witch’s hat and a skull – these are so much fun!

The etching cream needs to stay on for about 20 minutes and then you rinse off with warm tap water.

In this case, we had to do a second coat to even out the etched sections – some of them were a bit splotchy despite all of our cleaning.

Cute right?

They’d be even cuter filled with a little red wine. lol

Thank you for letting me share your project Leslie!

 Have a great one!

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