Glowing Snowballs

This project was one of those that came from a scrambled train of thoughts.

Tablescapes…. lanterns…. lanterns with twinkle lights inside… what else can hold twinkle lights…. (some rummaging through the house and garage) YES!  The globe lights I was saving for a concrete project!

There was a lot more rambling inside my head, but (and so as not to get myself committed) I’ll leave it at that smooth thread.

I found these old globe lights at a thrift store in the summer, but hadn’t gotten around to creating my concrete garden spheres with them yet.

Winter decor - glowing snowballs from thrift store globe lights

I wasn’t sure the best way to make them look like snowballs until I came across this diamond dust at Michael’s.  I put a nice coat of matte Mod Podge over the entire surface of the globe light and then sprinkled with the diamond dust (over a large bowl because this stuff gets everywhere).  I lightly patted it in to make sure as much dust was adhering as possible and then shook the remainder off.

Glowing Snowballs 2

Perfect, giant snowballs!

If you are putting these outside, like I did, you’ll want to put a light coat of clear spray paint over top – just to keep the Mod Podge from getting gluey again and to keep all of your snow sparkles in place.

Glowing Snowballs 3

I picked up a few smaller snowballs at Michael’s as well, just to fill out my centrepiece.  Stuff some outdoor twinkle lights (small Christmas lights) inside each globe and voila!

Winter decor - glowing snowballs from thrift store globe lights

It looks gorgeous during the day… (perhaps I need a few more greens?)

Winter decor - glowing snowballs from thrift store globe lights

and even better at night
Glowing Snowballs 4

One strand of mini-lights (35 lights) was more than enough to fill both large snowballs – I put half the strand into one and the other into the other.

Glowing snowballs 7

You could put these in urns on your front porch, or set them in a dish or crate in front of your fireplace.  I don’t usually decorate my back yard, but staring at the bare patio table is boring – I wanted something I could enjoy all winter (you’ll notice this isn’t “Christmas-y” but more “Winter-y” and can be left out until Spring.)

Once the temperatures drop again, I’ll add some cedar and berries so it looks more lush.

Pretty good for $2 thrift store lights right!?

Winter decor - glowing snowballs from thrift store globe lights


Have a great one!

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  1. Vineta @ The Handyman's Daughter November 12, 2015 at 7:43 pm - Reply

    So cute! The diamond dust gives them the perfect texture. Pinning!

  2. lesley January 17, 2016 at 1:38 pm - Reply

    Love this idea! Does anyone know if these would hold up in the weather, ie rain?

    • Lonna November 21, 2019 at 9:32 pm - Reply

      my guess would be, not in the rain. I am going to put them in a small old fashioned claw tub on my porch. Will paint some iridescent to look like bubbles for the summer.

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