I was going through Chapters the other day and I saw this gorgeous pillow:

Chapters Indigo

Which I loved…


The thing about writing this blog is that I need content.  
I need ideas and things to test and try so that I can share them with you and $39.50 seems pretty steep when I’m pretty sure I could make several of them for less.

I’ve invited some friends over to make their own in the near future – but I needed to do a trial run first.
No point trying to teach someone, if you can’t make it work.

My fabric is a cotton-polyester blend, but in a burlap tone so that I could still get this rustic look.

I bought some “heat transfer gold vinyl” and used  pillow I already had here.

The dancing bunny image I purchased through Etsy and then put through the Silhouette to cut.

I made a simple envelope pillow cover – no buttons, zippers or skill involved.
Just measure the width of your pillow and cut.

Hem both (short) ends of the fabric and then fold over your pillow to measure how much overlap there will be.

Once you have it measured, pin in place, remove your pillow and sew the sides together.
Turn inside out and voila!

I then used the iron to transfer the gold image onto the fabric.

This took a lot more time than I expected.  I’m not sure if it was because my fabric was fairly thick, or the iron wasn’t hot enough?
It took me a good 10 minutes to make sure that all of the gold had adhered properly.

I’m so pleased!

First Easter decoration up!

This will be my next gold transfer project;

Have a great one!

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