My little baby turned 7 this week.

I kissed my 6 year old goodnight on Tuesday and kissed my 7 year old good morning.  (sniff, sniff)

Where did time go?

I feel too young to be saying that, but then wasn’t it just last year that Chloe – our little “Coconut” – was 1?

I’ll wallow in their (and my) lost youth later – right now I have to get goodie bags ready for her party this weekend.

With her birthday being so close to Hallowe’en, it seems silly to give the kids little bags of candy – besides, I love doing something just a little bit different

This year Chloe wanted a Spa Party.  Madison had one a couple of years ago and they loved it, so back we went to Ann at Par-T-Perfect to host a spa party for Saturday. 

Ang (Visions Graphic Artistry) came up with our adorable birthday invite:

Did I mention that she created this for me for only $15?  (Prices may fluctuate depending on edits and project size – but I just asked for a spa party and this is what she came up with!)
Print it from your home computer, or send it to Staples and have them print it for about $0.15 per.

Cake is coming from my go-to-gal Brenda at Cakes on Wheels.  Better cake than the grocery store, any artwork you want on it and she delivers – for the same price!

Cake is being delivered Saturday so I can’t show you a photo yet – but I’ve asked for the same image as the invitation and Brenda never lets me down.

Here’s our family birthday cake:

(remember I mentioned previously how much they love Littlest Pet Shop?)

Now for the goodie bags…

Spa theme,
Little girls,
Coolness factor…

Jamberry Nails!

In case you haven’t heard of these they are vinyl wraps for your nails.
Not press-ons, not stickers – actual wraps that when applied properly, will last a month!
No chips, nicks, scratches or fading.

And look how cute these styles are!

These ones reminded me of the movie “Frozen”.

Now these are a little too expensive to give out as-is.  It’s $17.50 Cdn per sheet and each column does one manicure or pedicure.  (You cut them down the centre – so in the case of the moustaches, the pink part would be by your cuticle and the white would be the tip of your nail).

But they are a cute gift if you give a row to each child?

They can choose whether they want the manicure or pedicure because there are 14 sizes to choose from.  Big toe all the way down to pinky finger/toe.

Come on – moustaches for “Movember”?!
It was meant to happen!

I haven’t come up with any fancy packaging yet – I may just leave it like this, with a cute nail file and maybe a big bow on top?

I’m pretty sure the kids will love them (once they see them on).
I know I do.

These come in women’s sizes too, so if you feel the need for a little “Santa” on your fingers, you don’t have to miss out on the fun!

Happy birthday my little 7-year old!

I love you more than the earth and the wind and all the water in the ocean!

She was getting so angry that everyone kept photo-bombing her photo! lol

Have a great one!

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