About a month ago, when we were making the “Believe” blocks, my friend Lynn (of ENJO fame) was looking for vendors for her annual “Unique Gifts, Sweets & Treats” open house.

Feeling motivated with the success of our blocks, Amazing Amy and I  agreed to set up a craft table at her event…
which is this coming Sunday. (yikes!)

Papa has been hard at work cutting blocks and branches for me so that I could make more sets of “Believe” blocks as well as several other Christmas decor ideas – but I’ve been falling behind in the actual making part.

Yesterday and today were heads-down-get-er-done days.

Yesterday was sanding and painting – 3 coats – in between loads of laundry.
These are a few, but there are even more sitting in my garage.

I’ve wiped my hands on my pants so many times through the painting and gluing, that I’m pretty sure these bad boys will stand on their own!
Then today was Silhouette cutting day, mod podging and ribbon day:

Remember this from “Elf”?
Two of these for the table.

Saw these on Pinterest – 4 of these for the table:

The others are still drying, but I have three set of each of these:

Five sets of these:

Two sets of these:

*note – when you get to the bottom of the sparkle mod podge you’ll notice a definite concentration of sparkles.  (oops!)

Plus 6 sets of these:

and a few dozen of these:

I’m pretty sure my lungs will be completely seized before the Unique Gifts, Sweets & Treats show – just from all of the mod podge fumes!

How is this a great gift idea for you?

Because I need you to come out to Lynn’s event and enjoy the chocolate fountain and live music and PLEASE BUY THIS STUFF!

I can’t bring it all home.

 Have a great one!

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