It’s no secret how I feel about ENJO.

I think everyone should take the leap and start cleaning their homes with just these amazing fibres and water.  

How about a New Year’s Resolution to give it a try?

I can all but guarantee that once you’ve tried ENJO, you won’t ever go back to abrasive or liquid cleansers.


Keeping in the theme of our beer advent calendar of earlier today, I thought I’d post a great gift idea for the man in your life….

What about everything he needs to clean any and all outdoor equipment.  Two cloths and water – that’s it.

Better still, it’s on SALE right now!


What about cleaning your stinky hockey equipment?
Washing down the lawnmower?
Getting the mud off of your golf clubs and or cleats – all without damaging the finish.

Contact Lynn to order your set before the sale ends!


 Have a great one!