This isn’t really a gift for you, but more for your Elf on the Shelf…  which in turn will really be a gift for the kids, except they just won’t know it.

I came across Superstar Stitches at a craft show recently and immediately went crazy for her Elf on the Shelf accessories.

Our little “CandyCane” is now outfitted with two sweatshirts and a sleeping bag – but I’m sort of kicking myself for not getting him the reindeer antlers and moustache as well. lol

The window for the kids believing in this sort of thing is so short – I want to encourage their imagination as much and as long as I can.

The girls found CandyCane sleeping in his sleeping bag this morning and have already gone wild over this new prop.

I can’t wait till they see his new sweaters! (I believe they were $4 each)

Superstar Stitches

Have a great one!

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