I bought a set of these years ago.
We’re talking maybe 5 or even 8 years ago, and they look exactly the same as the day I bought them.

They’ve survived our Canadian winters with all of the sand, salt and slush it encompasses and still look like new.

The big appeal here is that your garbage cans and recycling bins actually make it back to your home – regardless of the weather.

Snow plow drags your blue bin around the block?  
No worries, your address is on it and some kind neighbour will bring it back.
Windy day have your trash cans rolling into traffic?  
No worries – maybe a small worry for the drivers – but your bins will make it back home safe and sound because people know to whom they belong.

I bought mine from Mabel’s Labels and they look like these:

With my address printed right into the vinyl sticker.

They have since changed up their format, and the labels now look like these:

image courtesy of Mabel’s Labels

This is a great idea if you live in a condo complex where everyone’s blue bins are piled in one area.

This isn’t a sponsored post – I have these and truly recommend them as a great gift idea!

Have a great one!

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