These little eyepads from ENJO are great for SO MANY different uses.

First off – what they were intended for – is to remove makeup.  I use mine every single day with just a bit of water and it removes all of my makeup (including waterproof mascara) with just a gentle wipe.

My friend Lynn keeps one in her purse for quick face-wipes for the kids and I’ve even seen them used as a mini-toothbrush for teething babies.  Soft enough to let them chew on, but strong enough to remove bacteria.

This package is on sale right now for $55 for 7 eyepads (regularly $69) so it’s a great time to grab a package and put one in the stockings of all of your favourite Moms.

Contact Lynn TODAY – orders must be in by December 17th in order to make Christmas delivery! 

 Have a great one!