You’re going to glance at the image and immediately think “yeah right, we’d all like a new iPad for Christmas… not in the budget lady!”

Let me tell you why I’m posting this as a both a great gift idea and as a legitimate suggestion;
because technology, in particular the iPad, upgrades every time the wind changes, it gives the consumer the added benefit of buying something — USED.

Did you know I picked up an iPad 1 last Christmas for my Dad for $100?


Pristine condition, worked perfectly – but because it was out of date – the owner was ready to upgrade.

He’d never worked an iPhone or iPad before, and he didn’t need the camera capabilities, or IOS- whatever that newer models offered, so it was PERFECT for him and he was unbelievably pleased!

You can take advantage of this too!

I did a Kijiji search for London and area and it came up with 335 listings for “iPad” – some of those were cases or cords, some were broken, but the vast majority were actual iPads (and iPad mini’s)!

Feeling queasy about risking a Craig’s List or Kijiji purchase?
There is a store in town called “Mac Outpost” that also sells (and buys if you’re looking to get rid of one) used and end-of-line iPads.  The benefit here is that they back up the product with a warranty on your purchase.

At $100 or so, it makes the iPad dream somewhat realizable – and an option for kids that are begging you for one.  Your heart won’t jump into your throat (as high anyways) if they drop a $100 model versus the $900 model.

Just wanted to share this little tidbit – and yes, a year later, GranDad’s used iPad 1 is fully functioning and working as well as if we’d had it from release.

 Have a great one!