Great Gift Idea: Time

This isn’t an easy gift to give, but it’s probably the best gift you will give anyone this season:


That’s it – just a piece of your time.

You can give this in many different forms 
– pre-book tea with friends so that it’s locked into your calendar.
– shut of electronics and DO something with your kids.
– gift yourself with some time allocated for a favourite pastime or hobby
– give someone some time to themselves by taking on a chore, or responsibility for them

This isn’t a gift that goes under the tree, although you could certainly make up a coupon book if you chose.  This is a gift that requires a conscious and deliberate effort on your part.

I’m probably the worst for this – I’m always asking for time to myself – but never really giving my time to others.  I’ll spend time with the kids, but more often than not, we’re all puttering away on iPads or I’ll be squeezing laundry in while they watch TV.

This year everyone will be getting time from me.
Undivided attention – that’s probably the best gift you could give anyone.

 Have a great one!

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