If you live north of Georgia, then winter probably brings out the worst in your garden.

True, a nice covering of white is pretty – but it’s so sparce and desolate and dead-looking.

Hubby bought me a set of these last Christmas and I absolutely ADORE them.

They are trees cut out of metal and are made by a company called “The Iron Barn“.
I’m not sure what the prices are this year, but I believe Hubby paid somewhere around $35 for the largest tree last year.

I clear-coated mine with varnish to keep the shiny metal look, but if you like the weathered patina of the trees on the right, just put them in the garden as-is and time will add the charm.

You can get snowflakes or angels, pine combs and even snowmen/women – but I’m partial to the cool winter elegance of the trees.

Great gift idea for anyone that loves their garden, or just loves to look out at one.

*This is not a sponsored post.

Have a great one!