Great Ideas

Don’t you just love it when you come across, or someone shares, a great idea?

I do.

I get so excited that I can’t wait to try it out or implement it in some way.

Pinterest is usually my go-to source for inspiration, but I don’t search the site…
I wouldn’t know what key words to use to find new and interesting ideas, since I don’t know what will strike me until I see it.

Here are a few that I’ve come across this last week:

Whitney at Shanty 2 Chic did a post recently on her new garage door screen.

Sure, screens for the garage door aren’t new… 
but this one isn’t a flimsy netting that just drops down.  It’s a solid piece with an actual door on it.

Take a minute to check out her video on how easy it is to raise and lower.  (it’s a 5 second video).  I think you’ll be amazed too.
Hey!  I just noticed her hose post!  Great minds really do think alike eh?

Dear Santa,
I need one!

I get a daily e-mail from a company called “The Grommet“.  It’s an online store that features, or rather specializes in, new and unique inventions.

There were two that caught my fancy this week:

The Drain Wig 

“DrainWig is a ball chain with several rubber whiskers that catch the loose hair before it has a chance to reach the curve of your pipe and cause buildup.

Just feed DrainWig down your tub or shower drain and retrieve it a few months later by pulling the white plastic flower. “

I have short hair, but I think I shed about 500 hairs a day, so I know that this would come in handy in my house.

The other one I liked for Hubby:

 iPhone Storage Case 

He’s always losing his wallet, but NEVER his phone.
It’s his umbilical cord.
This would be an ideal solution for him.

These may be everywhere, but I’ve never seen them before and I think that the idea is BRILLIANT!

Optimize your space with Prepac’s innovative and stylish wall mounted desk. This floating desk is perfectly suited for any home office, den, living room, kitchen or entryway. This stable work surface is perfect for your computer, or can simply be used as a place to get your work done. The side compartments and top shelf provide functional storage and visual appeal. This desk is ideal for almost any room in your home and installation is a breeze with Prepac’s hanging rail system. 

This makes SO much more sense than trying to fit stand-alone desks into small bedrooms. 
It would probably even work next to the bed as a nightstand and desk in one – kind of double-duty for small spaces?

How about this one for apartment dwellers:

Called ‘BalKonzept’, the balcony table—made from weatherproof and recyclable polyethylene—rests on your railing and provides you with an open, flat surface to eat, read or work. Users can easily place their laptop, books, plates and cups on the table. When not in use, it can serve as a tray, a planter, and even a ‘wine chiller’ for when the weather is cold outside.

Use it as a wine chiller when it’s cold out?
LOVE it!

Two more things to add to my desk fetish.

 Finally, a friend of mine told me about a book she was reading…
sure, there are a million great books out there, but this one appealed to me

1. because I never go to the self-help section of Chapters (even though I probably should)
2. because I can see myself in it.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking       

by: Cain, Susan


Have a read … I won’t spoil it by saying any more.

 Top ten reasons I procrastinate: 1.
Have a great one!

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