We have to keep grocery bags in this house.

We’ve always had pets, so there’s always been a need for bags to clean up after them.

Our grocery stores in town charge $0.05 a bag!
My cat litter costs me to throw it out.

You’re killing me!

I digress – the reason I bring it up is because we always need a stash of grocery bags, and I’ve tried just about everything you can think of to store them in a tidy way.

I’ve done the kleenex box thing;

Which I really liked, except that I ended up having boxes and boxes of them around.

I’ve tried the official bag holders;

Which again, works – but fills pretty quickly.

Then I found a tutorial on how to fold bags – any size – to compact them into a smaller space.

 Here’s the highlight reel:

There’s 2 dozen grocery bags in this little 7″x7″x7″ container, AND there’s still room for at least 3 dozen more!

Now just so you don’t think “Wow, she has WAY too much time on her hands!” – I timed it…

Each bag takes about 15 seconds to fold.

Super compact – just carry the little container down to the littler box area or put a triangle or two in your pocket before you take poochie for a walk!

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