I have a “Fail” to share with you today – and it’s not entirely my fault that the project failed…

Let me step back:  I need to come up with Hallowe’en treats for the girls to take to school this Friday for classroom parties.  I saw these adorable donut mummies on Pinterest – which of course I can’t find again now – but they were white powdered timbits/donut holes on a skewer with candy eyeballs.

Easy right?

That’s what I thought too – so I thought I’d test it out and make some for a Hallowe’en party they are going to this afternoon.

This is where I’ll protest and say that Tim Horton’s sabotaged me – they had NO white powdered donuts.

Since when does Tim Hortons run out of the small jelly-filled donuts?!

Just on days when you want to impress your kids I guess.  How would my little mummies have dripping blood without strawberry jelly oozing out of them?

I had to settle for old fashioned glazed and chocolate glazed timbits…. not quite mummy looking – but I thought “it’s okay, I’ll sprinkle them with icing sugar and forego the extra gore”

I glued the eyeballs on with a bit of icing and then skewered them ready for powdered sugar.

Hallowe'en class treats - donut blobs

Nope, the icing sugar doesn’t coat evenly – not when sifted onto the donuts, not when the donuts are rolled in the sugar, not when I try to manually apply the icing sugar.

Class treats - 2

Is it me, or does it seem like the Hallowe’en gods are trying to make me look like a poor excuse for a blogging Mom?

I still had hope – I decided that the timbits could be made into spiders by adding a few chocolate legs out each side of the body.  I melted the chocolate and put it on flat freezer paper and I put some on rounded trays to see how they’d turn out.  They looked fantastic on the trays, but as soon as I tried to stab them into the donuts, they broke and/or melted between my fingers.

Class treats - 5

I know that sugar-glazed donuts with candy eyes will taste great, and that the kids will probably forgive me – but I can’t help but feel frustrated that my vision didn’t come to fruition.

This week I’ll be pre-ordering those white jelly-filled babies ahead of time.

Or I’ll send granola bars – we’ll see how the week goes.

Class treats - 3


Have a great one!

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