Yesterday I mentioned that I went to a thrift store earlier this week – the reason for the trip wasn’t for the Jack-O-Lanterns we made, but was to find some old, ugly and inexpensive candle holders.   I wanted varying heights shapes and it didn’t matter what colour or condition the holders were in…

I found these:

Hallowe'en Vignettes

and a few others, but these were particularly ugly (in my opinion).

Hallowe’en is the PERFECT time to thrift – you can find items for costumes and decor – all you need is a coat of black paint.

That’s all I did here, just a couple of coats of black craft paint (from the dollar store) and you’ve gone from ugly and dated, to dark and creepy.

Halloween vignette 2

Above you have the two candle holders I showed earlier, a glass one (the low wide mouth candle holder) and an empty wine bottle –  just painted black.  No top coat, no varnish, $1 craft paint on what amounted to $3 in thrifted items.

To make it extra-creepy, I dripped some wax down the edges to suggest that the candles had been lit for some time.

In total, I’d say this Hallowe’en vignette cost me about $11 total – including the paint and candles.

Halloween vignette 3

Daylight isn’t the best for creating a spooky ambiance – we need the darkness to drift in…

Halloween Vignette 4

Because I’m featuring Hallowe’en vignettes, I have to show off my dining cabinet; my “Boo” string art, and mantle scarf and Maddie’s craft pumpkin black cat.

Halloween vignette 6

Of course I couldn’t leave out my wood block Jack-O-Lanterns.

Halloween vignette 7

I’m all set!

I’ve got everything but the candy – and that’s only for my own welfare.

Spooky tablescape from thrift store itemsBe prepared folks, with Hallowe’en almost here and only one or two projects to go, you’re going to be seeing Christmas on the blog a LOT sooner than you’re probably ready for.

Have a great one!


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