Twelve years ago today, well yesterday actually, I was admitted to the hospital to be induced because the little lump in my tummy refused to move out.  She was stubborn even before she came into the world.  Somewhere around 16 hours, a fainting Hubby and a c-section later, Miss Madison blessed our lives.

Today I/we want to wish her the very best 12th birthday any little girl young lady could ever have:

To my beautiful baby girl that I accidentally dropped on her face at 8 weeks old (she wasn’t buckled into the bassinette and the handle wasn’t locked).

To my wild baby who had – and still has – a witching hour where she gets a puppy fit of energy and exhausts her Daddy and I.

To my tenacious daughter who taught herself how to vomit-on-command before she was 1-year-old, so that she wouldn’t have to sleep in her crib.

To the Daddy’s girl who couldn’t be consoled with my hugs or songs or dancing – and only found comfort in his arms.

To my spunky girl who learned soccer at age 3 and hasn’t stopped since.

To my rebel girl who has cut her hair off (herself), shaved half of her head, had it dyed blue and purple only to be back to long, brown hair again in the end.

To my feisty girl, whose attitude and temperament is a mirror image of my own (for better and for worse).

To my gentle girl whose heart melts for anything furry.

To my self-conscious girl – who is embarrassed far too easily for the brain, brawn and beauty that she is.

To my talented girl, who has mastered every skill she’s ever attempted.  Who is an athlete, an intellect, a creative, an extrovert and an introvert wrapped into one perfect package.

To our first-born and one of our two greatest loves – we wish you the happiest birthday you can imagine.

We love you more than the sun and the moon and all the stars in the sky…

Happy birthday!