It’s a mirrored ball – usually made of glass that you place in your garden.
It’s usually in a bright colour with a super-reflective finish and is meant to be an accessory to your garden.

Well, a glass ball in my garden would last about 10 seconds. Two kids, playdates, a very large puppy and two cats would have this thing rolling around everywhere and smashed to bits instantaneously.

Funnily enough, I never felt I wanted a gazing ball…
until I found this at a garage sale!


No, I didn’t bring home one of the best urethane bowling balls in 2019 – it really is a sphere meant to go into the garden.

It’s made of a heavy pottery/ceramic and is hollow in the middle.


Not sold?
What if I told you it was 50 cents?
Now you see why I suddenly ‘needed’ a gazing ball?

Because this sphere had a glazed finish on it; I did have to wash it down thoroughly with TSP and it definitely required a primer to make sure that the paint adhered well.


I thought I’d try for a mercury glass finish, but then I remembered I didn’t know how to do that.

Truthfully, the silver wasn’t enough colour for me.


I have a small garden bed on the edge of my patio. It’s wedged between two pergola pillars and I have no luck growing anything there.

Mostly because our dogs decided it was a nice, soft place to nap, or more recently with Lacey – that’s it’s the perfect digging ground.

I wanted to put something there that would give the bed a bit of colour and block Lace from digging at the same time.


Pink metallic sparkle should cover it!


Okay, pink metallic sparkle and a giant rock or two.


There’s just something about a sphere isn’t there?

Perhaps we’ll retitle this from gazing ball to “orb flower”?

God Bless the impulse buy!

Have a great one!

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