I first came across Spoonflower from the blog Centsational Girl.  She’s created an entire line of fabrics and they are all GORGEOUS!  You can check out her patterns by clicking the link, or by looking up Kate Riley Fabric Designs in the Spoonflower shop.

What Spoonflower is, is site that allows you to create (and sell if you wish) your own fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap.


Spoonflower website screenshot

Not sure what I’m talking about?  You’re redecorating your daughter/son’s room and you just can’t find a comforter that will coordinate well….   design your own!

Thinking of trying your hand a quilting, but don’t have the time to create the bazillion pieces needed?  Create your own designed fabric and then just sew along the lines in the pattern!  Like this 1 HOUR QUILT!

(All of these images have been borrowed from other talented bloggers, so please click the images for links to their tutorials)

1 Hour quilt

Originally posted on See Kate Sew

Take a photograph of some treasured recipes, upload it to Spoonflower and create material to make tea towels!

Handwritten recipes turned into tea towels

Original image courtesy of Mama Say What?

You can purchase fabrics that have been designed by other brilliant minds if you’re not feeling creative yourself and choose what medium you want them on – gift wrap, wallpaper, canvas, jersey, cotton, polyester….  lots of options for every project.

Stretch the fabric over a canvas and use as wall art.

Spoonflower fabric stretched over canvas to create art.

Original image courtesy of the Paper ‘n Stitch blog

What about a faux-suede headboard?

Dinosaur map headboard - Spoonflower

Original image courtesy of Spoonflower blog


I am not a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination, but when there’s an online tool like this, I can’t help but play.  Madison’s room is a hot pink and pale pink, so I just wrote her name in a few different fonts and colours and clicked the repeat button on the Spoonflower site and look how it turned out!

Spoonflower giftwrap project


You can see, the pricing on your completed piece isn’t astronomical either.

To better give you a visual, Spoonflower even has the option to click on “Gift Box” so you can get an idea of how your print will look on a gift:

Spoonflower gift wrap - Madison


I am going to be ALL OVER THIS for Christmas!

Imagine, coordinating/complimentary coloured gifts, but each with a different name so you know who they’re for.

Here someone has had their fabric printed and it looks SO GREAT!

Spoonflower - duvet cover

Original image courtesy of Baby Centre.com


What about corporate gifts?

Spoonflower - 100Things2Do promo paper

Spoonflower - 100Things2Do promo gift wrap

Better still, I could get this as a fabric to make my vision board!

Yup – NEED it!

I’m also thinking of sponsoring my daughter’s soccer team with drawstring bags.  I’ve looked around and to have them screen printed with the image I want comes with a pretty heft price tag.  But I’ve created fat quarters on Spoonflower and can sew them for ~$15 each.

Spoonflower - Soccer bags


Check out what some other brilliant minds have done:

You could add in the time of birth, weight, middle name and an image of a footprint if you like.

Spoonflower - baby quilt with name

Original image courtesy of The Doyle Dispatch


You’ve seen fabric-backed bookcases, or this is an option – a decoupaged dresser.

Spoonflower - decoupaged dresser

Original image courtesy of Spoonflower blog


Make pet pillows, photo collage pillows, decor pillows, theme pillows…

Spoonflower - pet pillows

Original image courtesy of Bark Post.com

Spoonflower - photograph of books turned into a pillow

Original image courtesy of Under Construction blog


Take children’s art and make it into fabric, or I can see this being a really cute wrapping paper as well.

Spoonflower - take children's art and make fabric or gift wrap

Original image courtesy of Mimosa Lane


Want a keepsake from a special moment in time?  Photograph it and use Spoonflower to create a bag, blanket, canvas, pillow etc.

Spoonflower - photograph of a ticket stub turned into pillow

Original image courtesy of Nicole Marie Talks

There are so many creative applications for this!

Just surfing the site, without creating a single image yourself will take days and days.  The cumulative creativity of some of the designers is astounding!

Go play, and then send me what you’ve made so I can post it.


Have a great one!


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