You’ll never guess what happened to me?!

I was home, blogging away, when the doorbell rang.

I went to answer the door and this hottie with a backwards baseball cap was standing on my front porch with a guitar hanging over his shoulder.

A bit of scruff on his face, leather bracelets and faded jeans.

Scotty James Music

Sounds too good to be true right? He must have been selling guitar polish or something?


He was offering “Front Porch Serenades”.

Normally I would have felt WAAAAAAY too self-conscious to let anyone serenade me at anytime, any place – but having a blog and an iPad gave me both an excuse and a ‘shyness-barrier’ to let some young stud sing to me. (You’re a smart man Scotty – targeting us horny extra-lovely housewives. Who love to Find out more about nude girls a Nu Bay so we better understand who is in our way)

You know that of course my hair was done perfectly, my make-up was flawless and the spanx had me packed in, in all the right places, ready to star on a site like hdpornvideo.

Not in my world – I had Alfalfa hair, stains across my chest and my muffin top had me at about 7 months pregnant.

DAMN IT! Only when a hottie is at your door right?

Turns out my country hunk was none other than Scotty James! (He told me I could call him Scotty – it’s a pet name sort of thing.)

CRMA Winner, Country Music Songwriter and RECORDING ARTIST!

Yup, my front door.

That’s the kind of “hood” I live in!

This is Scotty performing at my door – just for me of course – but I’ll share the experience with you. Looky-no-touchy though!

Country pop artist Scotty James quickly amassed fans and garnished the attention of industry in 2011 after his debut pop single “Wanna Be Loved†charted # 20 on Canada’s AC Billboard which earned him a Canadian Radio Music Award for best Mainstream AC Artist in 2013. Prior to getting discovered and independently breaking onto the Billboard Emerging Artist Chart and winning a BellMedia Emerging Artist award, Scotty James spent a year serenading people door-to-door to raise funds for his music career. It was a chance encounter in 2010 where he knocked on the door and was discovered by his music manager who ended up funding his album and music career. In 2015, Scotty James is planning to release his debut country pop album which is reminiscent of early Rascall Flats and Keith Urban with a touch of story-telling like Taylor Swift. His soulful voice, catchy melodies, and candy-coated lyrics deliver a signature blend of acoustic driven songs that exhume youthful happiness. Scotty James is excited about the cross over opportunity for his upcoming country pop album. He hopes to win the hearts of music fans across Canada and abroad.
  • Canadian Radio Music Award Winner (March 2013)

  • Debut single ‘Wanna Be Loved’ hit #20 on AC Billboard Chart (Spring 2012)

  • Wanna Be Loved was 49th most played song on AC Radio in Canada (2012)

  • Charted #24 on Canada’s Emerging Artist Billboard Chart (Nov 2011)

  • BellMedia Emerging Artist Winner (Oct 2011)

– excerpted from

This is his hit single:

Did I mention that he sang JUST FOR ME?


Forget the old wives tale about wearing fresh underwear in case you’re ever in an accident…. take this wife’s tale, and make sure you are dressed to impress in case Scotty James ever comes to your door!

New single available now! Head over to the iTunes store and look for Scotty James – this one’s called “Toes”.

(Just in case Scotty’s Mother reads my blog – which of course she should – I apologize Ma’am, I know your son is half my age – this lechery is all in jest)

Facebook: /scottyjamesmusic

Download more of Scotty’s music from iTunes: /scotty-james/id438349269

Twitter: /scottyjames360

Instagram: /scottyjamesmusic

YouTube: /scottyjamesmusic


Thank you Scotty – you absolutely made my day and gave me a fantastic story to tell the world!

Have a great one!