I received some AMAZING gifts over the Holidays.

No diamonds or exotic trips, but things I REALLY wanted. It means that I can start bigger projects, try using a quality laser measure for the first time and finish my work with more ease!

In fact, Santa gave me a cheque before Christmas and outright told me to “get what I wanted“.  

Love you Santa!

So, I got these:

 Every girl’s dream right?

60 pieces!

Better still, I got them on sale for $16.99!  (The sale price does in fact add to the thrill of the gift.)

An entire set of tools – better yet, magnetic tools – all for me!

I don’t even know what that claw one is for, but I am so excited to use it anyways!

And drill bits – sweet, sweet little tidbits of joy! 

Why are they upside down?

Well, we have a problem in this house.

We have one OCD member, and another DCO (Disorderly Conduct Only).

He likes to borrow my tools and then leave them.  
To Whomever.

And slowly, piece by magical piece, they all disappear. 

This probably isn’t an issue for many women, but I do like to DIY, and I do want my blog to be a success – so having tools when I need them comes in handy.

This time, I’m going to hope that embarrassment will stop him from taking any more.

Tape off a section (if you wish) and turn the drill bit heads upside down so you’re only painting the hub. 

Add a lively coat of “precious” pink.  

(Adjective intentionally added for emphasis – he reads this blog)

 Then check out your gorgeousness.

Tools just for HER!


Sitting on my tool bench like it was meant to be their home.

 Here’s hoping his pride won’t allow him to take my little beauties!

If this doesn’t work – I swear I’ll glitter them!

Have a great one!