This (like most of my posts) started with a gorgeous photograph and the desire to have one of my own.

Herb garden for windowsill

Image from EllaClaireInspired – click image for direct link.

Gorgeous right?

Rustic, perfect lighting, healthy plants – I bet you want one too right?  (BTW, you can click the image for her tutorial on how to create these exact ones).

WELL,  I thought I could short-cut it and make the raised letters from the adhesive foam stickers you find at Michael’s or Dollarama.

Nope – they’re sitting there every other time I visit the store – but not when I wanted them.  UGH!

BUT – they did have these cute little chalkboard clips.  Change of plans – I’m still going to have my cute little herb garden, but mine will look a bit different – and will take less time to put together….

Create a windowsill herb garden


$1.25 for three clay pots, $1.25 for three clay saucers and $1 for 6 little chalkboard clips.

I did need to add the coat of paint to the rims – after all, that was the big appeal from the photo that started this project.

Create a windowsill herb garden

Don’t worry about the paint spills on the lip of the platers, they sand off really easily.

Put your herb seeds in a dish and cover with a very wet paper towel.  Leave them overnight to get the seeds started.

Herb garden  - 4


Next day, when you’re paint is dry and the seeds are soaked, line the bottom of your pots with a small piece of paper towel.  This will allow the water to drain out, but will keep the soil in.

Create a windowsill herb garden


From here, fill with soil and plant your seeds.  Water thoroughly and place in a sunny window.

Herb garden for your windowsill

I still have a pot to plant, but if I’m being honest, I want to see if the seeds in the first two (chives and cilantro) take before I decide if I’m going to move forward with more seeds or actual plants.

Because these sit in your windowsill, you can have fresh herbs all year long!  This is my “salsa sill” – so my third pot will be oregano or cumin.

I still LOVE the first photo, but my little garden is kind of cute too – and much easier to create.

Have a great one!


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