My friend Pat came to visit me the other day and I was planning on putting her to work to dip all of those Oreo truffles with me.  Well, I ended up finishing up before she arrived so instead she taught me a new treat that I thought I’d share here – Hershey’s kisses in pretzels.


So easy.

Too easy – I can see these becoming a terrible addiction.

You will need:

  • mini pretzels – ideally round ones, but any will work
  • Hershey’s kisses
  • M&M’s (these could be swapped out for dried cranberry, pecans etc)

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees fahrenheit.

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and spread out your pretzels on it.

Pats chocolate pretzels 1

Unwrap your Hershey’s kisses and place one in the middle of each pretzel.

Pats chocolate pretzels 3

Place in the preheated oven for approximately 2 minutes – until the chocolate has just begun to melt.

Pats chocolate pretzels 4


Press an M&M into the top of the chocolate and set in the fridge to cool (and harden).

Pats chocolate pretzels 6

They won’t last long enough to put them on a decorative plate – I just did this to get a photo of them before they were devoured.

I never used to be a salty-sweet girl, but that’s definitely changed with these bad boys.

A different version, that I may have shown on the blog before, but is certainly worth eating again – I mean revisiting – is with Rolos and pecan halves.

Same process, but I used the twisted mini pretzels instead of round… I think it helps keep the caramel and chocolate from drooling through.

When the chocolate is soft, press in your pecan halves.


Pat's Chocolate pretzels 81

This image is just short of 4 rolls of Rolos – so these are dangerously deceptive.  You think you’re eating a small treat, but they add up very quickly!

Pat's Chocolate pretzels 83

Thank you so much Pat for this recipe and for your help!


Have a great one!

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