I tried to Google “Why do people like spheres?” and “The effect of spheres on the psyche” and nothing came up – which leads me to believe that 1. no one found it interesting enough to study or 2. I’m the only one that likes spheres.

I’m leaning to number 1 on this, because everywhere I go I’m inundated with spheres.  Rounded boxwood topiaries, balls in vases or display dishes, round ornaments on your Christmas tree (cubes would look out of place wouldn’t they?)  Do you think it’s reminiscent of our childhood and the joy found in simple balls?  Do you think it’s to soften edges in an otherwise rigid environment?

Where the heck am I going with this?

Home decor stores, books, magazines, shows all suggest adding spherical (or perhaps just rounded) elements to a room.

Today, I’m going to show you an easy and inexpensive craft that you can do to add that design element to your home – embroidery hoop spheres (orbs maybe?)

Three large and three medium sized embroidery hoops with tags

These inexpensive craft items will be transformed to look expensive (and we all want that right – regardless of the shape?)

For those that don’t embroider, these hoops come in pairs.  There’s an inner solid ring and an outer ring with a tension adjustment on it.

You’ll want to take them apart as each piece is going to become a separate ring on our sphere.  If you are working with a larger sized hoop, I’d suggest using 5 or 6 rings (3 embroidery hoop sets), so the spacing will be more visually appealing.  For smaller spheres you can use fewer hoops.

So that this doesn’t end up looking like embroidery hoops, you’ll want to apply stain to the inside and outside of each ring.

Minwax stain

Hubby went a bit nuts that I did this on the kitchen counter, but if you cover it with a few layers of paper and wear gloves, there will be minimal mess.

embroidery hoop rings stained

You can do more than one coat of stain if you want your colour even darker, but I was pleased with one coat of the dark walnut.  Let dry for about an hour.

Once they are dry, line them up to create your spherical shape.  Make sure that each hoop is centred for a balanced look.

lining up embroidery hoops to create your sphere


Your final hoop will go around all of the others (perpendicularly) to hold them in place.  From here you can space them out or adjust them for the best look.  Just tighten your tension screw to hold it all tightly in place.


final sphere


Cute right?

No glue, no nails, nothing else needed – you’re done!

Hoop spheres for home decor


You might want to leave them dry overnight before placing them in your room – just in case there were drips or bits of the stain not completely dry.

Set them out and graciously accept the compliments.

You can tell your friends how easy it was, or you can let them believe that these are expensive art pieces from a posh home decor store.

Totally up to you.


Home decor spheres on display


There’s just something about spheres isn’t there?

Don’t worry, I’m calling my therapist now. lol




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