I’ll finish the series today with the lanai and the study.

I didn’t want to take photos of the Master and infringe on my parent’s privacy – and I didn’t want my readers (you) to get bored with too many parts to this tour.

I’m hoping the ones I’ve shown so far, and today, give an adequate insight.

I think this is my favourite part of the house – although it’s close – it’s the lanai off of the rear.

This is the outdoor kitchen I referenced yesterday – just outside of the actual kitchen – and complete with monster grill, sink and outdoor fridge.

 Next to it is the eating area:

Then the second living area just off of the indoor living area:

 There’s another section in behind this one that has the cabana bathroom and an outdoor shower, but we had so many towels strewn about everywhere that I left it in disarray and didn’t photograph it.

Here’s so you get an idea of the layout though:

 You’ve already had a sneak peek at the pool and hot tub here, but just a recap:

Off to the right of it is a built in gas fire pit that we used on our last night to roast marshmallows (and where Hubby subsequently caught his face on fire swinging around a flaming one)

All of this is under the lanai, so there are no bugs anywhere, and I didn’t have to put sunscreen on the girls once.

I never wanted to leave the patio!

Finally, I’ll show you their Study.

Beautiful, with a ton of light streaming in – but the best part
The ensuite bathroom;

 Gorgeous wood work, a separate water closet for privacy:
(to the left of the counter)

… and this amazing shower!

All glass block so the light just streams in, but you still have complete privacy!

Room for two (or three if you have to wash the kids hair).

I hope I haven’t bored you with these photos.
I’m just so floored whenever we head down for a visit – I thought maybe you’d enjoy a little tour too.

Have a great one!