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I’m sick.

Not deathly ill, just some stomach bug – but it’s left me incapable of being more than 10 feet away from the “big white phone”.

All I could manage today was a few photos, so I thought I’d continue on with the house tour.

Today, my dining room;

Now that I think about it – the only ‘new’ piece of furniture in the room is the table itself.  It was my birthday gift last year – the Ronan from Pier 1.

I liked it because it’s a round pedestal, so no one gets a table leg between theirs, and it extends to be large enough to fit 8.

We were fortunate enough to build our house, so we were able to choose whether we wanted the dining room completely open to the main floor, or closed off.   We decided to take a middle road and have partial walls to delineate the space, but with large doorways and transoms so it still feels open and airy.
Only problem… you do see the shoes in the hallway.  (Sorry about that)

Did you notice the tiny little hole in the wall by the stairs?
Hubby cut that in for me.  
When the girls were little I wanted to close off the staircases to keep them from falling down them, but the cats still needed to be able to get to their litter boxes in the basement.
Great solution eh?  He even trimmed it out so it’s not an eyesore.
We still keep the gate up so that Lacey doesn’t sneak downstairs for a cat food snack.

The cabinet in the corner was my Grandmother’s.  I’m on the fence about painting it to match the rest of the furniture?
Inside, it still houses her tea cup collection and a few other treasures.

There’s an angled wall in the corner of the dining room that isn’t big enough to do much with, so when my Mom decided to get rid of her serving cart I had to snatch it up for a small bar station.  (plus it camouflages the cold air return)

The flowers were for Maddie’s birthday.
(She’s only 8, but Mommy needed an excuse to have a spring arrangement in the house, so I played the birthday angle.)

The cabinet below is actually made up of two pieces that didn’t go together at all.
The top hutch I bought at a garage sale for $25.
It was brown at one point and had all kinds of scuffs and stains on it.
A coat of black and a little tlc and you’d never know that they weren’t a set.

The giant pear on display is a running joke between Hubby and I;  I loved it as soon as I saw it. When I asked the salesperson if they had anymore in stock (before I saw the tag), she promptly went and ordered one for me.  When I found out how much I just about choked, but the pressure to “save face” was more compelling and I bought it.
I think Hubby’s reaction would be accurately categorized as “going apeshit”.

Having said that, I get a lot of compliments on having “a nice pear” – so it was much less expensive than plastic surgery, and almost as effective at boosting self esteem. lol

Have a great one!