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I’ve noticed that a lot of blogs of the same genre as mine have home tours.

Shots of their gloriously decorated homes in all it’s sparkling cleanliness.

So I thought – “Hey, if I like it, chances are my readers would too.”

I mean, if you’re reading this, you’re probably like me and love seeing other people’s homes.

Unfortunately, mine is never rarely tidy.

So I’m going to have to space out my tour in increments so that I can tackle one room at a time and get it clean before posting.

Today I present (the clean) master ensuite:

The cord in the above shot leads down to  my hairdryer.I love that I never have to unplug it and put it away – just drop it in its slot inside the door and done!

When we built our home, we specifically asked that we have a separate water closet.After two kids and a few surgeries, there’s not a whole lot of mystery left in our marriage.This was one thing we’ve managed to keep to ourselves.  lol

The paint colour is Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter – a greige that seems to lean a little more to the beige side under lighting, but does look more grey in the pure daylight.

So what do you think?  I didn’t clean off counters and surfaces to give it that stark model home appearance – I went for tidy, but real.

Does this appeal?

Should the home tour continue?

Have a great one!