Well, I’m going to show you…


Papa (Grandpa) thought the girls would have fun with a few bubbles.

He got 1/4 cup of Palmolive dish soap and put it in the hot tub and then turned on the jets.


Of course the girls LOVED it.

Papa now holds “Rock Star” status as far as they are concerned.

I panicked a little when the hot tub bubbles began to overflow into the pool…


Papa admits he was a little surprised himself that 1/4 cup would make this many bubbles.


 Hubby couldn’t resist and had to get in the action as well.


 Palmolive – if you are looking for endorsements for the bubble-ocity of your dish soap look no further!

I can personally testify that their suds go way further than we ever expected (these images are copywritten by the way. lol)

I hesitated to post these because this is NOT a “try this at home” kind of post.

It took two full days – but the bubbles did end up clearing and the pump, heater and filter are still working (phew!)


The pool is squeaky clean and there’s no dishpan hands…. or feet or bums, or knees on any of them!

Thank you Papa, for something none of us will ever forget!
Have a great one!

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