I have goofy pet peeves.

I know they are.

I won’t pretend I’m normal or cool.

Silly things bug the heck out of me.

Particularly sounds.

I hate loathe the sound of crumpling bags.  
Hubby knows if he wants to enjoy a bag of chips, he’d better put it in a bowl first or he’s going to get the stink-eye every time he does the slightest crinkle.

I hate detest the sound of someone eating with their mouth open.  The slip slap slop sound of food being pushed around and mushed up.  

Give me nails on a chalkboard over this anytime.

Worse still (okay, maybe it’s a tie) I hate the sound of teeth slamming together – you know those heavy chompers that even chew mashed potatoes and jello.
Hubby does that.

There are days when I could seriously put a fork through his eye for the sound of his masticating.

(That’s with an “ic” not “urb” – get your minds out of the gutter!)

Clearly, I have issues take issue with noise.

(Here’s how my meandering mind works…)

Since I can’t pull his teeth out, I thought I’d find a fix for a noise that I could eliminate;  finding a pot lid.

The cymbal-like clanging of pots and pans and lids being shuffled around in search of the matching pair has grayed my hair.

Thinking about it – you use your pots and pans roughly once a day?
Times the 20 years I’ve been on my own…
That’s approximately 7,300+ gray hairs.
Sounds about right.

Thank you Pinterest!

Such a simple solution!
This is going to save me dozens and dozens of dollars on hair dye!

{Insert happy sigh here}

A dish-drying rack would work as well, but as you can see, my pot lids are fairly deep so I needed something with a bit more space between the dividers.

As a bonus, the divider also solved my other noise-nemesis;

The sound of smashing glassware as you search for the dish you need.
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Have a great one!