This is not the official way to clean area rugs, but if you have a dirty one or you have just bought one of the different custom rugs that are available and you want to know how to clean it in advance, here is how I clean my rugs.
So, let me premise the following with “these are not wool or expensive persian rugs”.
These are HomeSense, Home Depot rugs.

Twice a year (Spring and Fall) I take the rugs out, hang them on the fence and pressure wash them.

Yup, high pressure water.

No soap, no scrubbing, no steam cleaners.

Water straight from the hose, shot at 1800psi.

Try this at your own risk.
For my home, I just figured “It’s water – what damage can it do?” (as long as there’s no wool content of course)

The bottom left corner is still dirty.
See the difference?!

Can you see how the loops of this berber-type rug are whiter?
What about along the seam that holds the fringe?

Hopefully you can see that the right is much cleaner than the left.

Two giant area rugs, less than an hour of work and now I just leave them to hang and dry.

These are low pile rugs, but I do have other ones that have a bit higher pile and watching the winter salt and dirt come out of those is even more satisfying.

If only you could duct tape your children to the fence and clean them with a pressure washer?! lol

Lmao... at least I'm not the only one! ;)
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