There must be something your kids want.

Some treat or experience or object that they have whined for? (yeah right – what don’t they want right?)

Kind of like how you whine to them about cleaning their rooms and keeping up with their summer reading?

If you are struggling to get kids to read, then perhaps this 100 Chapters Challenge will incentivize them to start.

This challenge can work out for both of you – keeping their brains sharp over summer vacay and offering them a prize at the end…. (as if reading wasn’t enough of a prize?)

How to get your kids to read, get kids to read, kids and reading, getting kids to read, 100 Chapters ChallengeClick for free printable: 100chapters

Print one of these 100 Chapter Challenge sheets off and stick it to their bedroom door – each evening cross off the number of chapters you’ve covered, whether it be reading together aloud or side-by-side silently. Join in the fun and challenge yourself to read 100 chapters – trust me, the kids will love the competition (another way to get kids to read).

Once they’ve finished their 100th chapter, do something fun. Get ice cream treat, go on a trip to the beach, buy a new skateboard… or in our case, 1 purchase from eBay. (I hate using eBay, but the girls want a Littlest Pet Shop toy).

Need more incentive – perhaps for you?

I know sitting through the same Robert Munsch book for the bazillionth time is the equivalent of a knuckle-noogie, but this is why we have to take part and get kids to read:

How to get your kids to read, get kids to read, kids and reading, getting kids to read, 100 Chapters Challenge

Image from Kids Activities Blog – click image to go to site.

Twenty minutes per day will make a HUGE difference with a ripple effect on their entire life/lives.

Many libraries offer summer reading programs for kids. The librarians can recommend age-appropriate and popular books, and in some cases the kids can earn prizes at the library itself just for turning in a book report or project on what they’ve read.

Do you have a child that is too small for chapter books?

Make this a 100 book challenge – and work through short books or beginning readers until they’ve reached 100.

Need some ideas? Imagination Soup has a list of titles for kids from grades 1 through 8 – just click the image to go to their site.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 2.56.11 PM

My two have finished 10 chapters between them in just the past 2 days. I don’t know whether to be thrilled that they’re reading, or mortified that I’ll actually have to buy something off of eBay?

Have a great one!


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