Yesterday you may have noticed some bright pink “stuff” in my carpet.

It wasn’t a large stain, but bright pink against a pale beige is pretty noticeable.

I had a scentsy warmer in the room and I must have picked it up before the wax had hardened and ended spilling it on the carpet creating a nasty carpet stain.
As pathetic as it sounds, I did it once on the basement carpet and then did it again on the upstairs carpet – no use learning the easy way right? My husband even joked about getting a new carpet from somewhere like Carpet Now if I kept making a mess of the carpet.

bright pink wax drops in beige carpet

It’s been there for about a year – bugging me – but not enough to drop everything and take care of it…. until today.
(Those photos yesterday were embarrassing.)

All you need is a hot iron and a piece of wet cotton material. It could be an old towel or cleaning rag – but I had some extra denim handy and it worked perfectly. If only I had known that it could as easy as searching for a carpet cleaning laguna beach company to remove this stain, then it would have been all sorted ages ago. But here we are. At least now I know for next time.

Wet the cotton material and wring.
Place it over the wax you want to soak up and then run the hot iron over the cloth.
Be careful here – if your carpet is a polyester blend, your iron could melt it and leave hardened chunks. Just iron over the material and try not to let the iron overhang onto the rug.

iron, piece of denim over top of wax

I have no idea why the cloth has to be wet, but it worked, so I’m going with it.
As the iron dries the material, the material soaks up the wax.

partially dried denim with wax stain showing through

If you have a large spot, re-wet the cloth (and wring) and continue like this until all the wax is soaked up.
You can still see some staining on my carpet – that’s just dye from the candle wax, not wax itself.

denim folded back and wax removed from carpet

A little baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and a light scrub got most of that out.

baking soda on carpet

Still a small pink tinge, but exponentially better than it was.

remaining stain (very faint)

I can’t believe I put it off for a year, and it only took me a total of 5 minutes to correct.

Off to do the upstairs now!

Cake fail

Have a great one!

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