Our litter box has been looking suspiciously empty since the weather turned warmer.  Now I don’t mind scooping less poop – but I don’t believe for a second that they are pooping less…

I think it’s been relocated, and not anywhere I’d be pleased to find it.

My neighbour said she’s seen Milo and her cat Jinx digging around in her vegetable garden so she’s built a chicken wire cover to go go over top.

So, if they can’t poop in her garden, they’ll be forced to relocate yet again….

I don’t need any extra flavouring in my tomatoes, so I’m going to try an easier, less expensive and less time consuming method for protecting my bed.

First up the weeding and planting.

I went with just three tomato plants this year (last year they grew to 5 feet high and took over the entire garden) and one green pepper plant.  My blueberry bush and ever-bearing strawberry plants somehow survived our frigid winter and I have chives that I can’t get rid of.

How to keep cats/pests out of your garden

You know you’re supposed to plant tomatoes sideways right?  If not, WikiHow it – you’re supposed to put the stem and roots sideways in the ground for best growing.

Mine were pretty tall, so I left some of the plant sticking out.

Rake the bed, water in well and then get out your plastic forks.

How to keep cats/pests out of your garden

I “planted” a fork about every 5 or 6 inches (say 10cm or so).

How to keep cats/pests out of your garden

Not much room to ‘turn and squat’ anywhere right?

Even if they do manage to tip toe through, the plastic enema they’ll get should stop the behaviour quickly enough.

How to keep cats/pests out of your garden

The forks will last the season and I can just pull them out and recycle when harvesting is done!

How to keep cats/pests out of your garden

I’ll be honest and say that I have no idea if toxins from the plastic will seep into the soil, but given that these were forks, my fingers are crossed that they are of a quality fit for use in eating?

Worst case, the idea of growing a third eye is not as unappealing as a tomato watered with cat urine.

EGH!  The thought gives me the heebies!

Sorry neighbours – I don’t know where the cat port-a-potty is, or will be, since I’ve ‘fork-tified’ my garden.

Oh, and one little show-off photo here – the garden tuteur is already on morning glory duty!

Garden tuteur

Have a great one!

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