Today’s post is:
1. Free
2. Easy
3. Brilliant
4. Useful
5. something that can be done in less than 30 seconds.

Basically the best post anyone could ever write right?

Not a lot of photos to share though…

You will need 

  • A coat hanger
  • 2 rubber/elastic bands
  • a shirt/blouse, dress, cardigan that refuses to stay on the hanger.

and you’re done!

This is particularly handy for cowl-neck tops that always seem to be falling off and the long cardigans that are really popular this Fall.

Yes, embarrassingly, I do put an entire outfit on one hanger.
I have NO sense of style, so when my Daily Glam e-mail comes in telling me what to wear the next day, I immediately hang it together.  Sometimes you’ll even see the belt, scarf and cardigan on the same hanger as well.

Clothing is the only thing I don’t DIY. lol

Have a great one!

Jockey P2P Look of the Day
Classic legging in black (XXS – XXXL) $62
Paired convertible sleeve top  in boysenberry XXS – XXXL) $75
Zig Zag scarf $ 27

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