So we made the flowers yesterday and you’ve been eagerly anticipating what we were going to do with them right?

On the edge of your seat, cliffhanger excitement, anticipation to the point of sweat?


Two easy steps and you’ll have your masterpiece!

  1.  Using hot glue, stick your flowers to an old vase that you probably never use.

How to make a decorative vase using paper flowers - vase makeover

The glue will be visible on the inside, but the vase will be filled with water and plants – so you don’t need to worry.

Paper flower vase - 5

If you made larger flowers, you could just add one giant bloom, if you made smaller, you could create more of a winding trail around the vase.

  1.  Spray paint the entire vase with a few light coats – try to get into all the nooks and crannies of the flowers – you want these to look ceramic in the end.

Paper flower vase - 6

The downside of this project is that even with a few coats of spray paint, you won’t be able to submerge the vase in water.  To wash, you’ll have to just use running water through the inside.

Paper flower vase 2 - 3

I love this so much!

You could display it with flowers in it, or leave it empty – it’s a pretty stand-out piece all by itself.

Paper flower vase 2 - 5

So while I did see one of these at HomeSense, I’m going to argue that this version is better….

  1. because I can make the flowers as large or small, as many or as few as I’d like.
  2. because I can paint the vase any colour I want to go with my home decor.

  3. because even considering the cost of a can of spray paint, this version is cheaper than the one at the store.

Paper flower vase 2 - 7

Paper flower vase 2 - 13

Paper flower vase 2 - 15

I took about 30 shots of this decorative vase – different angles lighting, setting etc, and not one of them turned out badly.

Must be the project because it certainly isn’t the photographer! lol

How to make a decorative vase - using paper and spray paint

Have a great one!

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