I love wandering through greenhouses this time of year.

I know – greenhouses in November???

But this is the time of year when all of the Christmas trees and decor come out – and most greenhouses will throw a Holiday Open House to showcase stunning green ideas for your home. If you’re looking for a greenhouse of your own and looking for longevity opt for an aluminium greenhouse as these are more likely to last longer than standard greenhouses.

Heirloom Greens & Gardens

This is when you have the largest selection of Christmas trees to choose from or admire, and greenhouses offer premium trees – or as Bryan calls them “4-sides trees” where they are perfect all the way around. Grocery and big box stores offer the smaller, somewhat compressed versions that can’t compare.

Heirloom Urn - 34

There are gift ideas that you never would have thought of and can’t find anywhere else…

Heirloom Urn - 35

and there are accent pieces that will have everyone oohing and aaaahing over your latest find.

Heirloom Urn - 37

If all of that doesn’t convince you to do a greenhouse tour, just imagine the smell! Fresh pine and cedar everywhere – it’s therapeutic, invigorating and nostalgic all at the same time.

So, I was on an inspiration tour through Heirloom Greens & Gardens and I pitched the owners the idea of providing me with a tutorial on how to make your own Holiday urns…. as done by professionals.

A PROFESSIONAL tutorial! Not me hacking around until I get the gist of it – but a professional to teach you the correct, proper and best way!

Meet Sarah from Heirloom Greens & Gardens who was kind enough to let me photograph her as she was preparing for this weekend’s (Yup – meaning TOMORROW) Holiday Open House at her Nursery. The greenhouse is being decked out with wreaths and ornaments, Christmas trees and one of the largest selections of winter greens I’ve ever seen.

How to make a Christmas Urn

Sarah let us film her making this masterpiece and the video is chock-full of tips and tricks to make your Holiday urn look spectacular and last long past Christmas so you can enjoy it all winter long. Make sure you watch all the way through – I guarantee you’ll have at least one “I never knew that” moment.

This rustic and natural Holiday urn will take you from today through to Spring – a decor piece that will keep your front door green and welcoming for months.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 6.52.20 PM

Make your own, or order one custom made.

While I was there I asked if Sarah could help me make my DIY lantern more festive and this is what she came up with:

Heirloom Urn - 30

I love the little cardinal and I love the birch stars even more (available at Heirloom Greens & Gardens) and I can add a Christmas ribbon for the Holidays and just as easily remove it so that the urn stays festive all winter long.

How to make a Christmas Urn

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Thank you Sarah and Bryan, for your expertise and hospitality!

How to make a Christmas Urn


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