I have been planning to make this project forever but kept forgetting, then last week I was at HomeSense and I saw the “finished product” and thought “DAMN!  Now I seem like a follower instead of a leader!”  That’ll teach me!

This is part one of a two-part project, but because these flowers can be used for more than the home decor piece I’ll finish out tomorrow, I wanted to show the tutorial separately.

So, for today, I’ll show you how to make paper flowers.

You will need:

  • Cardstock – 4 square pieces
  • Glue and or glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or pen (to round the petals

Start with four square pieces of cardstock – these will make up the layers of your flower, so subtle gradations in shade are okay, but you don’t want to use completely different colours unless you’re going for a rainbow flower.

Fold each piece in half, in half again and then in half a third time as show below.

How to make paper flowers

Next, keep the edge that is folded once between your fingers (this will keep you from cutting right through the flower (learned the hard way) and draw a rounded edge.

Cut on the line you drew and then cut a second opening across the bottom point.  Repeat on all four pieces of paper.

Paper flowers - 2

Unfold your paper and you should have four flowers that look like the ones below.

Cut a petal out of each flower – one from one flower, two petals from the second, three from the third and then cut the fourth flower right in half.

Paper flowers - 3

Using your glue/glue gun, overlap the remaining petals and adhere into place.  You should now have 6 pieces like below – the single petal will be rolled tightly and the double petal will be rolled just slightly larger.

Paper flowers - 4

Take your pencil or pen and gently roll the petals back over it.  This bending and rolling breaks down the fibre in the paper and you will get a nicely rounded ‘petal-like’ edge.

Using one of your scrap petals as a base, glue your largest flower onto it.

Paper flowers - 5

I found hot glue worked best for gluing the remaining petal layers in because it allowed for a bit of space between each – and it dried quickly.  Insert each petal layer, decreasing in size, until you have reached the centre.  The last petal to be inserted (and glued) will be your tightly-rolled single.

Paper flowers - 7

My largest flower was made using a 4″ (10cm) square, and the other, smaller ones were made with 3″ (7.5cm) squares of paper.

Paper flowers - 8


You could lightly sand/distress the edges for a softer look, or dab a darker colour paint/ink on them for more depth.

Use these as gift toppers, create a bouquet, add them to card fronts etc.

How to make paper flowers - tutorial

Come back tomorrow and see what I ended up doing with these three cuties….  I promise, you’ll LOVE it!

Have a great one!




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