You’ve probably seen magazine images, Pinterest photos and even television programs where all of the decor items seem perfectly coordinated.  Same colour scheme, same theme, perfectly staged etc.

It looks gorgeous – I completely agree – but how can the ‘normal’ person afford to go out and buy all new coordinating pieces just to stage a coffee table or bookcase?

I’m here to show you how a $8 can of spray paint can take your existing items and turn them into an aesthetically pleasing, cohesive look.

These are my owls.

Ceramic owls - home decor

I bought them a few years ago at HomeSense for about $6 and $8.  I love the shape, the whimsy, the size of them – but I wasn’t in love with the colour.

Perhaps you have items in your home that you feel the same about.  Size – check, shape – check, colours – negative.

Easy change.

I cheated on these and didn’t prime them.  Because they are shelf decor and not being handled or used, I felt the paint-and-primer-in-one would have sufficient primer to do the trick.  If these were decorative items that were being used – like a bowl that held remotes or candles or something, I would have used a separate coat of primer for durability.

As it was, two coats of  Rustoleum’s Gloss White was sufficient.

Ceramic owls - home decor

Thin, light coats are the trick.

Two hours later – to give them drying time – and you’re done!

Ceramic owls - home decor

Much better right?

Ceramic owls - home decor

This is where thrift store finds can save you a ton of money and still have your home looking like a million bucks.

I saw this photo on Pinterest and had to share:

Spray paint thrift store finds to expensive looking decor

Image from Morena’s – click image for full tutorial

This might be one of the ugliest dishes I have seen.  I would have walked right past this – but not Morena – she saw potential and created this:

Spray paint thrift store finds to create expensive-looking decor

Image from – click image for full tutorial.

Your turn – how about a thrift-store challenge?

Send me your best before and afters and I’ll feature you here!

….. and now for the WINNER of the Thirty-One Functional Solutions – Car Organization bundle…..

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Congratulations Lanita!  I’ve sent an e-mail to your account with instructions on how to collect your prize!


Have a great one!

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