How to Remove Pet Hair From Carpet (part 2)

Last week I showed how to remove pet hair from stairs in this post.

I thought about it, and thought about it and was NOT looking forward to going over my entire bedroom and family room on my hands and knees with a latex glove. I need an easy way to pick up the hair inbetween cleans,

That’s just way too labour-intensive – I want clean – but without crippling myself. I would like to use a professional cleaning service, such as the Carpet cleaning huntington beach service but I’m too embarresred with this dog hair! I know you’re probably thinking to yourself that they’ve seen worse and it wouldn’t phase them, but I couldn’t handle someone coming into to see it all in real life. That’s why I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and then let the carpet cleaning company come and work their magic. I want this carpet to look fresh and I think after a deep and professional clean, they’ll look brand new.

I surfed and found another photo of someone using a wiper to clean pet hair off of carpets.

I like it – but still reeks of “hands and knees work”.

This isn’t a sponsored post. In fact, I’m not even sure if ENJO would endorse this method or not, but I evolved the wiper idea a bit to suit my needs…

I give you carpet before:

How to remove pet hair from carpet

What you do see is Bernese Mountain Dog hair and what you don’t see is orange tabby hair.

I thought “What if I took my ENJO window washer attachment (which has the squeegee on it) and add it to the extension pole?”

How to remove pet hair from carpet

It totally works!
No bending or crawling, it’s just like raking the lawn!

I’m not sure if I’m calling this by the correct name – the blade you want on the carpet is the one I’m showing on top here. It’s a wiper blade or squeegee or something?

How to remove pet hair from carpet

Put it on the carpet and slide it towards you.

How to remove pet hair from carpet

Another benefit of the extension pole is that you can but your wiper blade under the bed to get all the cat hair that’s accumulated there as well!.

How to remove pet hair from carpet

Look at this – it’s like I’ve removed a small pomeranian from my carpet!

How to remove pet hair from carpet

Lacey likes to sleep in my closet, so here’s the before:

How to remove pet hair from carpet

The during:

How to remove pet hair from carpet

And the afters:

How to remove pet hair from carpet
How to remove pet hair from carpet

Lynn, perhaps you could put in the comments whether doing this nullifies the ENJO warranty or not – just so I’m not promoting a faux-pas.

I’m still going to do it anyways – it works too well!

Anyone have a baby I can borrow?

Have a great one!

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  1. I use my tennis shoe on my furniture the rubber sole wipes up the hair into a ball and I can pick it right up.

    • Shelly November 18, 2014 at 9:59 pm - Reply

      Absolutely BRILLIANT! Everyone has a tennis shoe, or at least something with a rubber sole – I LOVE this idea!
      Thanks so much for sharing!

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