Had a monster of a day yesterday;

Lacey and her best friend Chance

This is Lacey and her “best friend” Chance.
They have daily playdates where they burn off some of their puppy energy.


Only problem with playdates:


Chance was still bouncing around, so I couldn’t get a clear shot of her in her filth (or even cleanliness).

By 11 am I had already washed two dogs,



washed and waxed my car ready for another winter,


sanded down and put a final coat on a rocking chair (from this post) and had even put a coat of paint on my Hallowe’en sign (come back tomorrow to see it!)  

A trip to Home Depot for more paint, (a Starbucks treat), some more sanding, painting and finally blogging and I’m pooped!

Just enough energy left to show you one more Scotch Expressions Tape project…..

Do you have roller blinds in your house?

The girls do, just something to darken the room behind their curtains – but they are SO BORING.

Creative Christine came up with the brilliant idea to use the Scotch Expressions tape to spice them up a bit…

Washi tape blinds

What do you think?

Scotch Expressions Tape blinds

A cute little detail that brings a fair amount of impact.

And Maddie’s:

Scotch Expressions tape (Washi tape) blinds


Scotch Expressions tape (Washi tape) blinds

I love this!  

This is how Creative Christine made over an eyeglasses case:

This would be great for getting kids excited about new glasses – let them personalize the case!

Great ideas Christine!  (Thank you)

Loving my Expressions tapes!


Have a great one!

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