I was planning on writing another post about fitness.
After all, I’m 12 weeks from my obstacle race and I still can’t run around the block.

I’ve been “pinning” different training ideas on Pinterest, and I’ve noticed a trend… I have a pre-occupation with bums.

Any workout that propagates a “tight-rear” or “beautiful butt”, I pin.

A couple of examples:

The Brazilian Butt Workout


This girl doesn’t even have the little crevice wrinkles you get where your butt meets your thighs!


Or maybe she’s just a very tanned 10 year old?

Firm Your Butt Workout

I love the names of these workouts… all except the “dimple creator”…  I guess I’m picturing the orange-peel dimples that everyone tries to get rid of.
What does this have to do with my Obstacle race?  


Hence the title of this post.

But (pun intended) it got me to thinking…
How many ways are there to describe a bum?
How many are applicable to the goliath I carry around with me?

Here’s my breakdown – courtesy of Thesaurus.com:

This leaves me with the more fitting terms:
Butt and

I prefer “Butt”, but I should be honest and say I have heard the word “Ars” thrown around.

Mostly by me…

Directed at Hubby.


That’s my workout for today!