I make cards

Winters are long and I need a creative outlet.

Granted, my cards are all copied (aka “cased”) from someplace else, but it’s still a creative outlet.

I told Hubby that we’d save so much money if I made my own cards – I mean Carlton and Hallmark are charging a fortune anymore.

It would be true too, if I had made 5,000 cards to offset the cost of the supplies I’ve stockpiled. 

I haven’t made cards in months.
The weather outside has been too nice to stay indoors and I’ve had painting projects to keep me busy.

Recently though, I ran out of thank you cards, so I had to sneak into the studio to whip out a few:

I was low on birthday cards too.

This is one I made last Christmas for the girls’ Guide Leaders.
All the parents chipped in some money, so I thought I’d “pretty it up” to give to them.

I wish I got Christmas cards like this!

If anyone does want cards – I am willing to take orders!

Have a great one!

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