Do you ever read some inspirational love quotes that just tweaks something inside you?
Perhaps you “like” it on Facebook, or share it with friends, maybe even “Pin” it so you can find it later – but then never go back and re-read it?

I’m notorious for that.

Every once in a while something will hit just the right nerve to inspire me, or remind me what’s important, or motivate me or even just make me grateful… but I never do anything with it.

I guess if I printed them all I’d have a wall of paper that might look more like a television homicide flow chart than a wall of inspiration.

This year I’m going to frame them. One at a time of course, and I’ll change them up each month so I can look at the words that compel me and actually use the motivation.

Just a $2 frame from Dollarama – this month reminding me just how precious this time is with my kids.

These are a few of my favourites – I hope you find inspiration in them as well.

image courtesy of La Dolce Vita
image courtesy of Dave Willis
image courtesy of Dave Willis
image courtesy of We are all Stardust
image courtesy of FitnessSista
image courtesy of Visions Graphic Artistry

Okay the last one wasn’t really inspirational – more of a fundamental truth.

Have a great one!