Yesterday I made brownies, and as per usual, I was using the recipe from…. online.  (versus printing it out and using a paper copy)

When baking I usually pull up recipes on my iPad and then lean the tablet against something so I can read it while I put everything together.

Only problem – sometimes it slides down and I have to use my greasy, floury fingers to set it back up again.

Alternatively, if it doesn’t fall down, I’ll probably sprinkle it with flour or cocoa or something just because it’s sitting so close to where I’m working.

Well, it set me on a search for an inexpensive iPad stand that you can use for cooking in the kitchen.

I wanted easy,


easily storable (ie, it doesn’t take up too much space)

and functional….

A Pinterest search came up with a TON of ideas:

This on is a $0.69 plastic business card holder that someone’s used.  BRILLIANT!

image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

This one is just cardboard cut out – which is nice because it will fold up so you can tuck it in with your cookbooks.

image courtesy of
This one is a bent book stand with butterfly clips.
image courtesy of a MacRumors forum

How about super-cheap and just use your coffee take-out tray?

image courtesy of

What about recycling and repurposing an empty roll of duck tape:

image courtesy of DIY Org.

This is a fantastic idea for the kids!

image courtesy of Piíkea Street

This one is more suited to an iPhone, but I loved that it is a sort of origami version.

image courtesy of Dessine Moi Un
They say “Necessity is the mother of invention”;  I think this proves that true: 
image courtesy of iPad Org

This one is just quirky.

image courtesy of Bailey’s

I ADORE this one:

image courtesy of Practically Functional

and you may see a post on my attempt at this sometime soon. 
It’s a binder!


Below is the one I was thinking of making.

Four pieces of wood, some wood glue – looks like something I could handle?

I do love the giant initial on it.

I’ve also seen ones shaped like cutting boards – or perhaps they are used cutting boards with a ledge attached after-the-fact.

Love it!

image courtesy of That’s My Letter

However, I got to rummaging through my Mom’s garage and came across this;

which was destined for Craig’s List.

It’s just a 3-legged candle stand.

I think everyone has one of these lying around somewhere.

A little paint (so that it doesn’t look like I’ve turned it upside down) and voila!

The space between the legs is perfect for accessing the home button!


Now, even though I had found a brilliant solution – I couldn’t resist trying one more option that I found on RedFlyCreations.

Their tutorial is far better than mine – but you’ll get the idea:

Measure 3″ in on a 2×4.

Set your skilsaw to 3/4 inch depth and angle the blade to 30 degrees.

I like to leave my iPad case on all the time to protect it, so I measured and determined that 1/2″ spacing would accommodate both the iPad and case with the cover flipped back.

This is where I went wrong – we cut the 1/2″ space for the iPad before drilling the 3/4″ hole needed to access the home button.

We did manage to drill it in after the fact, but it wasn’t pretty.

Check out the RedFly tutorial to see what I mean.

Sand it down:

A coat of paint – or stain if you wish – and you’re set!

The RedFlyCreations blog said that one standard 2×4 would make 10 iPad/tablet stands.

I’m thinking this would be a great little gift idea!  

Have a great one!

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